Tuesday, September 4, 2018

We have a Bathroom!

I am kind of tired today, but oh so content and happy. After weeks of slogging away at the plumbing and bathroom, it is (mostly) done! The floors are patched and back in place, the walls covered with a coat of plaster and the toilet and sink are installed. 

We have been keeping up a good pace the last month as the insurance guy was coming for a walk through (did I mention that before?) and I was quite sure he didn't want to come look at holes in the floor and walls.

It was a bit anti-climatic when he arrived this morning, he was in the house for exactly 6 minutes and then went outside to measure. He didn't even step into the bathroom that we had stayed up late working on! One picture snapped from the doorway, checked off the list and on to the next thing. 

Oh well, I don't really mind. I am just happy it is done and content to sit back and enjoy the progress! How cute is the sink?!? I love how it has made the bathroom more spacious! 

Of course, there is still quite a bit to do, the walls aren't painted and the floor finished or trim yet.... But getting a sink and a toilet in is a milestone! And for this week, I am going to enjoy it!


  1. Must feel wonderful, such a great achievement. You have done so well.

    1. It does feel wonderful! So glad to be done with plumbing!

  2. So excited to have discovered your blog this morning. Your house renovation project looks so fun!