Friday, October 5, 2018

Progress Report Week 14: Paint and Radiators

I don't have a lot of exciting pictures for you this week. It has been very rainy and dark; and I have been on a roll! So not a lot of time to take pictures!
Mom and I washed all the windows and storms last Saturday. Makes a world of difference to get a couple of decades of grime of the glass! I also took a little time off and went apple picking with the nieces, another post on that coming soon.

One of my main goals this week was to clean the radiators and covers in the living room and dining room. I wasn't sure what the best way would be though. After ordering an attachment for the shop vac and it not being thin enough to get in the "ribs" of the radiators, I just grabbed a dryer lint brush and went to town. It stirs up the dust bunnies, but gets them some what clean. Of course, I made sure I had my mask and googles on! After brush them down I vacuumed them again, then wiped the tops with a wet microfiber rag.
Anyone have an experience cleaning radiators? Remember how your grandma or great-aunt use to do it?

I was also really excited to get the living/dining room primed! I had to laugh, behind the radiators I can see the walls use to be close to the same shade of cream I am planning on painting the walls. Old houses tell you what color they want to be! And you just can't argue!

I also got two coats of paint on the bathroom floors, so excited about how it turned out! No photos yet. The counter top man came to measure up for new counter tops. Most of the plants got dug up and moved from the front flower bed. 

And the closet doors got scraped and sanded! Ready for paint now!


  1. What a journey you are on, the love you have for this house shines through.

    1. Thank you so much! That is such a sweet thing to say. I do love my old houses!

  2. What a lovely job you are doing on this sweet home! We like to clean our radiators with bottle brushes (the heavy-duty ones from Fuller Brush co.) Once every few years my husband takes them outside and pressure washes them, but boy are they heavy (as I'm sure you know).

    1. I so wanted to take them all out, but I knew trying to convince muscle was going to be impossible! I will look for a bottle brush. I believe Fuller also makes a radiator brush, which I might invest in. Thanks for sharing!