Friday, August 3, 2018

Bye Bye Orange

 My paint brush has been itching ever since I first walked through the Brick House. The orange just had to go! Last Saturday Mandy and I did a little cabinet rearranging and Monday morning first thing, I was rolling on primer! So much better! Now I can think!

 On Monday the aluminum awnings also came off the outside of the house. So the kitchen is light and bright once again! The cabinets above the sink just looked strange, they were just sort of hanging there. I think a couple of open shelves will be much better.

 This wall is the walkway to the back door, so it means the cupboards are only 12" deep with counter tops that are not really usable. I decided to use some of the cabinets that we took down to fill in the wall space. I am hoping this will give it an old fashioned built in look. (Sorry for all the clutter. In a construction zone you just pick up what you need and put it down when you are done.)

 A couple of un-used cabinets in the foreground. Look at all that sunlight streaming in the window!

A "before" picture, just to remind you what a bright shade it was!

An outside view of no awnings! It is getting there slowly but surely. 
This weekend Mandy and I are diving in to plumbing with pex. I first time for us, so we will see how that goes!


  1. What a difference it makes getting rid of the orange. My goodness do you never are going great guns.

    1. Thank you! Sometimes it feels like two steps forward and one step back. But it is still progress!

  2. I wish I had your energy and your team members! LOL! I have an old ranch that is not my style at all and it is carpeted throughout with old yuchy, germy carpet but at my age it is all I can do to keep up with maintaining. I did remove the carpet in a closet and it is plywood underneath. I need to have you give me remodeling advice because I want to sell and move back North. You are already inspiring me! I am still flexible and ambulatory at almost 70, I just take more breaks! LOL! I love the fact that you moved the cabinets around and are going to put up open shelving...great idea! Also, stacking the cabinets in that hallway will make it look like the old fashioned pantries. Great job!

    1. Oh I hate old carpet! It is pretty easy to remove, it's the staples in the padding that is a pain. Have you thought of laying vinyl stick-on-tiles on the plywood? They make some nice wood look ones. Or you could paint the plywood. There is also vinyl floor decals that come in really fun designs.

      I love ordering things online. Even remodeling supplies! Most of the time you can get free shipping and then you don't have to worry about lugging it in from the car. Plus there is a lot more options.

      Mandy and I like to take our time too. Much better to keep a slow steady pace and not have to take three days to recover! LOl! I do a lot of research too. Read other remodeling and DIY blogs, they always have good tips. When removing the cabinets, I unscrewed all the screws except the top two. Then we propped up the cabinet with paint cans or a ladder and unscrewed the last two. That way it was something we had to hold up by ourselves, we just had to steady it as it came down a couple of inches.