Thursday, August 9, 2018

Slowly but Surely.....

It doesn't look like much, but we have light fixtures in! All they need is the glass globe to be attached, which I haven't done yet to advert any accidents.
It feels like it has been a little slow here, but it really hasn't.
This week we started the plumbing (we did the waste pipes previously, now it is time for the water pipes!), I hung lights, tore up more of the bathroom subfloor for plumbing, drilled holes for plumbing, did some general tiding up and cleaning, a bit of patching a plastering, cleaned the refrigerator (it has been unplugged for months!), finished re-framing the bathroom medicine cabinet.
So other then getting the light fixtures in, there is not a whole lot of progress visually. But we are still moving forward!
We are pressure now, as the insurance inspector is coming the end of next week! They don't usually like holes in the walls or floor torn up. So we need to finish the plumbing, get the floors and walls patched and install the sink and toilet..... all before the end of next week!
Then I really will have some progress to show you!

I love all the sun streaming into the middle bedroom since the awning was taken off. It might be my favorite bedroom now!

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