Thursday, July 12, 2018

Two Week Progress Report

Can you believe it has only been two weeks since I closed on Brick House? Whew! So much has happened. With the holiday and an extra day off last week I was able to get four long work days in! It made a huge difference!
The biggest outside difference is the screened in porch we removed. It opens up the front of the house so much! I love how well you can see the beautiful front windows now.

 The bathroom also got a little attention. (I know these photos are pretty ugly. But we can appreciate the after that much more!) All the walls were covered in paneling that was trying to look like tile. It was just making the bathroom look smaller. That all came off the walls, but left glue marks.

 The flooring, vanity, sink and medicine cabinet all came out too. This is a very tiny bathroom and the vanity cabinet just felt like it was eating the bathroom.

 The medicine cabinet was also too oversized for this space, not to mention it had not aged well. You can see where an old (probably original 1915 cabinet) use to be. I am on the hunt for one similar sized.

This is the underside of the stairs going to the second floor. We had to take all the plaster and lath off as they are not in good shape and need fixing. 

 And here is the newly gutted basement. So much brighter! This was the big project of last week and I am so excited it is done and out of the way!

 A few extra wires that need still need to be removed. They were all switches and outlets in the walls.

We also got all the walls washed down, the windows de-hardwared, extra telephone and cable wires removed and ceiling fans taken down. I am sure I am forgetting a few more things we got done, but those were the highlight!
Next up: removal of basement tiles, replacing plumbing and untangling the electrical.


  1. Wow, you are on fire so much achieved in such a short time. Great progress.

  2. Thanks! It has been going good. Now we are on to the slower things like plumbing!

  3. Oh my goodness! You make me tired reading all the work you got done. It looks awesome! :) Yea!