Thursday, August 18, 2016

The Farmhouse Progress Report:Bathroom

We headed north this past weekend to help Becky at her farmhouse. I can't believe it has only been two and a half months since they bought it. They have done so much in that time! 

The bathroom has changed so much. From an empty square of a room, to a very charming functional bathroom. Of course there are still things that need to be done, like finishing the drywall and a bit of trim. But for now at least it is a working room. 
Becky has had so much fun adding antique/vintage details back into the room. The bathroom had been completely torn out so there was no character left.

She picked out a beautiful old medicine cabinet with original hardware.

Re-claimed bead board for the walls. Even though it looks a bit grungy with a bit of cleaning and a fresh coat of paint, it was the perfect way to add character to the bathroom!

Doesn't that add a bunch of vintage detail!

We also helped her install a classic black and white tile floor. So old fashioned, I love it!

But I think the real star of the bathroom is the antique door! (When she bought the house, there was no door, so it was on the top of the list very fast!)
Isn't that black enamel doorknob fabulous?! 

I love all the old layers of paint and history.....

Stay tuned for a kitchen update next week!

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