Thursday, August 25, 2016

The Farmhouse Progress Report: Kitchen

Two weeks ago when we went up to the Farmhouse, our main goal was to get the kitchen finished. And I am happy to say, we did it! Now they are just waiting for the counter tops and sink and it will a complete kitchen!

If you recall, this is what it looked like when they bought the house. Lots to do!

 And here it is in progress. We were all so excited to finally take down the scaffolding! We had forgotten how big the kitchen was!

 Becky's wood floors came out beautiful! There is maple throughout the entire first floor.

 The cabinets were a wonderful Craig's List find, which worked out perfectly. (Pardon all the sanding dust, I couldn't wait to take pictures!)

Mandy and I are hoping to get back up to the Farmhouse in about a month to help finish the bathroom walls. Progress seems slow at times, but so much has been accomplished!

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  1. Oh her floors are gorgeous! I love how it is coming together. You guys do beautiful work.