Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Autumn Leaves

This fall is just whirling by! I haven't really decorated much, but Mandy hung leaves across the windows. Which is a brilliantly simple decoration and a perfect touch of fall in the living room and dinning room. 

 All is took was a walk through the park to collect leaves, wax paper and an iron to wax the leaves so they keep their color a bit longer, and some string and mini clothespins.

 I love them hanging across the windows! And the colors are beautiful.

Looking through the window to the porch, where there is also a touch of fall, mini pumpkins.


  1. What a darling, simple and cheap way to decorate for fall! I just love this idea, Heide :)

  2. You are so smart...here I was crocheting fake ones when all I had to do was go outside! Duh! Looks great....I did not really know about the wax paper so maybe that's why else they would just turn brown and curl up. Darling!

    1. Real leaves can be a bit tricky to keep looking nice. So far they have lasted about month, so the wax is working! I do think they are losing a bit of there color, but no crumbling yet.

  3. Such a wonderful idea! I purchased a cardboard leaf garland for my kitchen, but this is far nicer. : )