Tuesday, November 24, 2015

After the Storm

The bright blue sky, air so fresh and crisp, snow smooth and sparkly. 
Don't you love how bright the world is after a storm? 

 I took these photos Sunday morning after the storm. For being the first snow, it was quite the storm! We went from a warm lingering Autumn to mid-winter overnight.We ended up with only about 8" of snow. Though the predictions were all over from 3" to 12". 

 Because the temperature was so warm when the storm came through, the first bit of snow melted and formed lovely icicles.

The little apple tree snow draped.

Isn't Frosty cute? Mom moved him to the backyard for a joke, but I think he might be our new backyard Christmas decoration! 


  1. Heide...I am sure that must have been quite a surprise to be blessed with so much snow this early in the season :0) but it does look so beautiful... mari

  2. Beautiful photos, Heide, and I do love how fresh everything is after a storm, but...I'm SO GLAD we don't have snow yet. Every day without snow is one less day of winter...On the other hand, as it gets closer to Christmas, I will be glad to see the snow. Then it can all go away on January 7. LOL Kerry (?) is so cute!

  3. Oh how pretty! I know it won't be so pretty after days and days of it, but I sure do love the first pics of snow! Happy Thanksgiving!