Tuesday, May 19, 2015


  Sometimes, house projects aren't very glamorous, but are a  bit of a necessity. This was one of them. 
When we moved in, we discovered something hadn't gotten hooked up right upstairs as two of the outlets in my room didn't work. No big deal, we were pretty sure all it was was a wire that hadn't gotten connected. So I bought a few extension cords and made things work. I was just happy to be moved it!

A year and a half later there were still extension cords in my room. The electrical was one of those projects that kept getting moved to the bottom of the list. This year I decided we have lived here long enough and it was time to get it fixed!

It is official! The electrical in my house is finally, completely finished!
After a lot of poking in the attic we finally realized a wire was missing. There wasn't any from the powered outlets to the un-powered outlets. Thankfully, still not a big problem, an hour later the wire was in and outlets working!
It is so nice to not have to dust around extension cords anymore!
Electrical and wiring can be a little tricky in old houses. Sometimes all you can do is compromise. 
Most of the house was fairly easy to re-wire. There were a few extra holes cut in the living room and entry ceilings, but those were easily patched. Upstairs was a different story. 
Miraculously, there was ceiling lights in the bedroom and landing. (A bit strange as there wasn't any ceiling lights on the main floor.) But there wasn't a light in the closet/sewing room, which was kind of important if I wanted to be able to sew in there. Except by taking down the whole ceiling there wasn't any way to wires across the ceiling. And naturally,  I voted for the ceiling! 
So, my solution was to run an external hanging light across the ceiling. I don't really mind the bare bulb look and I love how bright the light is without the shade!

It is crazy how easy one gets use to things. The day after no more extension cords I almost tripped myself on the non-existent cord!


  1. How did you know how to do this? I've always been leery of messing with electrical stuff. Good for you!

  2. Well, we had supervision! My Dad actually rewired the plugs and our brother check to make sure we all were doing it right. But Mandy and I ran the wire from outlet to outlet that was needed. Electrical can be a bit scary, the thought of doing something wrong and having it catch fire keeps us from getting to adventuresome!