Saturday, May 23, 2015

Decoration Day

Don't you love this vintage picture? Source is here.
 I didn't remember ever hearing the history behind Memorial Day, so I finally looked it up. Did you know it was first started during the Civil War? I was rather amazed it had that deep of a history. 
Originally, it was called Decoration Day as it was set aside to decorate the graves of soldiers fallen in the line of duty. (It is thought this was based on an even older Southern tradition of once a year tidying and decorating family tombstones. It was also tradition to make a day of it and bring a picnic lunch!)

Above is the tiny bone picture frame of a  relative who gave his life in the Civil War. I am honored to have in our family history collection. His name was James L. Hall, he served in a Pennsylvania company and died in Andersonville Prison at the age of 34. Even though he isn't a direct descendant (his sister was my 4th great-grandmother), it is fascinating this little portrait has been handed down generation by generation.  

I hope everyone has a lovely weekend, remembering the soldiers who have fallen, yet celebrating the American life they fought for! 


  1. You said it perfectly! Wonderful post and I love the vintage picture (of course) and your relative's picture too. Have a safe and happy weekend!

  2. What a wonderful family memento. Thanks for sharing. Our boys are playing in the band Monday morning for a Memorial Day service at the local cemetery.

    1. How nice! I know our cemetery has a service, but I have never been. Next year, I think it needs to be on the list.