Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Apples and Strawberries

 I love apple blossoms, they are so lovely. (and Pink!)
 Last year I planted this little sapling in my backyard. I was horrified to discover, once the weather started to warm, that hungry bunnies had nibbled off the twigs on the bottom half. It now just has three branches on top!
 But on the top of each branch there is a little cluster of blossoms. It is rather a surprise as I wasn't expecting any flowers after the hungry bunnies. I am so glad it survived and is apparently thriving!

 I don't know about a bumper crop of apples, but we might get one of strawberries!!


  1. Those dang "wabbits"! Lovely blossoms and so glad it survived. I picked my first strawberries today! I'm further South though! LOL!

  2. Yea! Your pictures are so pretty! I have picked two strawberries so far and have several more forming already! I hope my plants stay alive while we visit!