Thursday, August 21, 2014

Mason Jar Solar Light Lanterns

I have had several queries about the mason jar lanterns lately. Hopefully, this post will answer all the questions. Mom had actually purchased the jars and lids last year when we were living in the apartment. Once we got settled in the new house, we knew they had to go somewhere special, somewhere that said summer. The Front Porch! Don't they just seem to shout long summer evenings, dancing fireflies and warm breezes? 
The mason jars are last year's special 100th anniversary additions. Love the color! Though I have noticed you can now buy them in just about any color of the rainbow at craft stores. The solar lights are from Amazon. (There is also lids with handles for hanging)They are specially made to go on canning jars so all you have to do is screw on the lid and wa-la! you have a lantern! Even though they are a bit pricey, they are worth the hours of enjoyment. 
At first we weren't sure where to put the lanterns on the porch, until I saw a pinterest picture of mason jar tea light lanterns. Then while cleaning I came across theses old coat hooks. Perfect! 
And with a bit of florist wire we had hanging lanterns! 
During the day, the sun isn't quite bright enough for the solar battery to recharge fully. We usually take them off their hooks and set them on the edge of the porch where is it sunny. Even on a cloudy day you can put the lights under a lamp for a charge.
 For a bit of added drama at night, we put a handful of beach glass (collected along the Lake) in the bottom of each jar. It is beautiful with the light bounced around, almost like the sun shining through a prism.