Thursday, March 6, 2014

Ticker Tape Quilt

 I decided to take a small break from knitting and have been sewing. Quilting to be more precise!
This quilt is based on the Ticker Tape Quilt from Sunday Morning Quilts by Amanda Jean Nyberg and Cheryl Arkison. Fabric is Odds and Ends by Cosmo Cricket, a fabric line by Moda. Finished size 45" x 60". (Just in case someone needs all the gritty details!)
This quilt came to be because of a Christmas gift. I gift of a quilting book for my sister and fabric for myself! I just loved these little squares! They all came pre-cut with cute little pinked edges. After drooling over my sisters new quilting book I was inspired to quilt!
I love the mix of floral, polka dots, stripes and prints. As hard as I tried some of the squares managed to wiggle around a bit......
Traditionally, this kind of quilt is made by putting together the top, batting and backing, then the squares are sewn on through all layers, thus quilting the quilt at the same time. I decided to sew the squares to the top layer first, then layer together with batting and backing and quilt like a normal quilt.
Some of the squares are sewn on multiple times, some just once and then quilted. I played around with a random look.
Polka dots for the backing using fabric from the same line.
It only took me a year to finish this one. Sometimes I am not the greatest at getting quilts finished! I so enjoyed making it though, it was a bit of a lifeline last year when life was so chaotic.


  1. Heide,

    Oh, what a pretty quilt!! I love the colors against the crisp white.


    1. Thanks Sarah!
      I think that is what attracted me to the ticker tape style quilt, the colors against the white.

  2. So pretty and cheerful. Your colors are so lovely. Well done!