Thursday, March 27, 2014

March Apron of the Month

March Apron of the Month is here! 

 I would like to introduce you to 

Hazel is a modern girl with plenty of old-fashioned roots. She features a smoothly flaring skirt with plenty of swish, a perfect backdrop for old-fashioned patchwork hexagon appliques or to show off  a beautiful fabric.
 I have to tell you, I had a completely different plan for March Apron of the Month. But I have been in the middle of a hexagon craze and just couldn't get excited about anything else. I finally stopped fighting it and just gave in!
 I love love love how the hexagons turned out. They were so quick and easy to do too! (For an easy tutorial see my post on English Paper Piecing.) The possibility are endless! Can you envision Hazel with a Dresden Plate block, a really fun retro print with big ric rac along the edge or a vintage motif embroidered!?! 

I couldn't resist including this picture. Love the bit of window and bed. But notice the lovely lines of the back view of Hazel. Love the way it curves.


  1. Very, very nice! Yes, I can see where the possibilities are endless.

  2. Oh, it's beautiful!! I have a few ragged quilt blocks I saved from an antique store that would look great on an apron like this.... And maybe some doilies on another apron. The ideas are flowing - what fun!! Thank you for the pattern and inspiration!

  3. Perfection at its best! Gorgeous apron.

  4. This is terrific! It has a bit of flour-sack heritage, which I like.

  5. Absolutely love this idea!! So charming.: )