Wednesday, September 18, 2013

The Quick Easy Way Darner

 A little vintage find from my Sister. The Easy Way Darner attachment can be used for quilting, applique, mending, zippers, buttons, button holes and to darn stockings. Quite an impressive list! I was very curious to try it out. It looks like it is an equivalent to a modern day free form sewing attachment.
From the illustrations it looks like it if from the early 1940s.
 Included in the box are a cardboard button hole gauge, a metal ring to hold stockings while darning and the wire attachment (which is on top of the button hole gauge blending in!).
 This is the only way I could figure out to attach it. Unfortunately, I didn't get a copy of the instructions.
As you can see the test run did not work very well. Every time the needle went down the wire hook popped off the needle knob and didn't keep pressure on the fabric. I was so sad.......
Then I had a brain storm! The sewing machine I was trying it on was a 1970's Kenmore. Maybe it would work better on an older Singer, one of the cast iron versions. I also recalled there being a little different arrangement of the needle knob and an extra clip on the main shaft. As soon as things settle down around here I will have to give it a try on my old treadle machine!
What do you think of this interesting 1940's invention? Ever seen one?


  1. Hello, Wow what a neat find! Nice Sister :)
    I am a apron wearing kinda girl. Sometimes with my cowboy boots on! I have enjoyed popping in to visit. I have you on my Blog List at the bottom of my Blog, because I just had to seprate a few of my blogs. I just got overwhelmed!
    Blessings, Roxy

  2. I'm so glad I saw this post! I found these pieces in my Grandmother's sewing box and had no idea what they were for! I bet there's instructions somewhere on the net? Grandmother had a Singer treadle and a White electric. I still have the White. I'll give it a try--one day. lol