Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Summer Reading

You hear a lot about summer reading lists and having more time in the summer to read and all that. I love to read and am not sure if I do more of it in the summer, but there certainly is something nice about reading on a summer day with a warm breeze blowing! Sometimes it is also a survival technique on those hot scorching days.
Lately, I have been on a Mary Stewart kick. I have read most of her books several times, but they are always good for a re-read! Mary Stewart is an amazing storyteller, one can feel the sun, see the birds swirling overhead and feel the peace of the country side.
This Rough Magic is one of my favorites to read in the summer.

"When Lucy Waring came to Corfu to visit her sister Phyllida Forli, she was elated to discover that the castello above their villa had been rented to Sir Julian Gale.
A very minor cog in the London theatre, Lucy not unnaturally felt something close to reverence for Sir Julian, one of the brilliant lights of England's theatrical world. But any hope of meeting him was quickly dashed by Phyl, who indicated, with uncharacteristic vagueness, that not all was well with the great man and that his composer son, Max, discouraged visitors, particularly strangers . . .
Lucy encounted Max Gale the first morning of her arrival—and a tempestuous meeting it was. For Lucy had made friends with an enchanting dolphin by whom she had first been thoroughly frightened then completely captivated. It was when she was sunning on the rocks above the cove that the shots came, and the only person in view was Max Gale . . .
Thus begins a series of mystifying and thoroughly frightening events which tinge the otherwise sparkling setting of Corfu with the dark hues of violence. In every way This Rough Magic measures up to its predecessors—in spirited characterization, vivid description, glowing romance and unrelenting excitement. This is storytelling at its best."
—jacket William Morrow edition, 1964
Mary Stewart is probably best know for The Moon Spinners, which Walt Disney adapted into a movie. You can see a complete listing of her books on this fansite.

Do you find more time to read in the summer? Or do you have year round "reading lists"?


  1. Sounds interesting, Heide. I've always got something I'm reading, but usually not during the day. It's early morning or late night for me.

  2. I like Mary Stewart, too--but no time to read this summer! I collect books and mags all summer, stack them up, and read them during those cold winter days. I haven't read this one--will have to look for it.

    1. Well certainly put it on your winter reading list then, it is a good one!

  3. Sounds like a fun book! I really enjoyed the movie "Moon Spinners", it is quite exciting. I will have to look for a Mary Stewart book soon.

    I just finished a rather silly Mrs. Georgie Sheldon book, not worth recommending. : )