Thursday, August 22, 2013

Apron Finds on Etsy

1930s Ladies Apron
Poking around on Etsy today I came across these lovely 1930s apron patterns from Mrs. Depew on Etsy. She has quite a few lovely patterns that are French and quite a few lovely patterns that are American! One of my favorite places to visit for inspiration.
1930s Ladies House Apron
I love the contrasting hem and pocket bindings on the apron on the right. And isn't the stripes on the skirt of the apron on the left cute?

1935 Girls Apron Dress
Too cute! Love the polka dots.


  1. I like the second one best - nice, practical apron, although I would have to make the bib wider because I have a knack for splashing olive oil on myself when cooking. Can't tell you how many shirts I ruined before getting an apron!

  2. Heide,
    Those apron patterns are very nice. I'm currently looking to purchase a 1930s apron, but haven't been able to find a true vintage or replica full apron with tie backs. Maybe, I'll have to sew it myself, and if that's the case I'll swing over to Mrs. Depew on etsy and see if she has the particular apron pattern I am looking for. Great post!


  3. Great patterns, love the little girls pinafore apron pattern also. Today I found a simplicity 4661, vintage 1943, at my antique shop for $1.00.

  4. Guess what I stumbled on this week? I thought I bought a piece of printed feed bag for my collection. When I got it home, it was an apron cut out, ready to sew--in 30s style! It's quite large. I'm not sure if I want to finish it or just leave it like it is. Of course, I thought of you!

  5. These are fabulous! Really, though, how did aprons ever fall out of favor? I guess they represented the "tyranny" of domesticity. And now here we are, again embracing the downright coziness of domesticity.