Tuesday, October 18, 2011

My New Aprons!

Yey! I finally have pictures to share! I am so excited with the way these aprons turned out.
This is made with a flour sack towel. A fun idea! Besides we are always drying our hands on our aprons. Of course I had to find a cute cherry print to bind it with! The cut off point makes a perfect pocket.

Close up of the cherry applique. I think it is vintage, I picked it up at a fiber show.

Back/side view over how it wrap around you. I am hoping to put together a picture tutorial on how to make one soon.

This one I took the pattern from this apron. I am so happy with the way it came out! It is super cute! Sorry for the crease down the middle, I was so excited to take the picture that I forgot to iron it!

This was one of the fabrics I bought a few weekends ago when we went to the quilt shop. So very 30s. I am still debating on if and where a pocket should go. But pockets are so cute on aprons! I think I will end up putting one on. Aprons need pockets.


  1. I love the flour sack apron!! Looking forward to the directions!

  2. Oh my word! I love them both...looking forward to the follow up. Yay! Happiness wearing such beautiful aprons.

    Blessings Always,

  3. I love the flour sack apron too. Very cute idea. I love the pocket.

  4. Love both the aprons and yes I agree aprons do need pockets.

  5. Yes! Happiness is wearing a pretty apron! How did it ever go out of style?!