Thursday, October 6, 2011

The Butterick Walk Away Dress

In poking around the internet today, I came across the story of the "Walk Away Dress".
"During the 1950s, Butterick experienced a phenomenon it had not known since the 'Garibaldi Suit' of the late 1860s. It was pattern 6015, and it was dubbed the 'walk-away' dress, because it was so easy you could "Start it after breakfast... walk-away in it for luncheon!". It's simple yet flattering wrap design and easy construction were what made it so popular. Sales of the pattern were so great, that at one point manufacturing of all other patterns ceased, and only the 'walk-away' dress was produced until all back-orders for this dress could be filled."  Excerpt from which is fascinating!

Isn't is fun! The really funny thing I have the new pattern of this! I am so excited, it might be this weekend's project!


  1. Truly? Are there women who are actually shaped like that??? What a lot of fabric that skirt would take! Anyway, I have a somewhat similar Vogue pattern from about a generation ago that I've held onto all these years, partly because I'd never spent that much money on a pattern, and partly because I thought it was such a classic style. But the model probably had a 24 inch waist, rather than a 12 inch waist. lol

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  3. I also have this same pattern. I bought a couple of months ago. I just haven't gotten around to sewing it. When you complete your project could you please post a photo of the dress. I would really love to see what it's going to look like.


  4. If I get one made this weekend I most certainly will post it!I found this gal's blog very helpful,

    Yes, this pattern takes a lot of fabric! The back says 4 7/8 yards and that is a smaller size!

  5. It is such a cute dress! defiantly pink Heide !