Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Valentine's Flowers and Snow

Today the sun is shinning out of a blue sky, the air is soft and balmy and the snow is dripping! Spring are you around the corner??

Mandy and I took these pictures on Monday when we were out for the afternoon walk. Snow piles everywhere! It felt like all we did last weekend was shovel snow. The total count was over a foot. It has been a few years since we have had this much snow piled up at once.

Kerri and her favorite winter activity, Digging! She loves to dig and dig and then shove her whole face in the hole. We call it snow snorgeling. (Yes, even Kerri has an extensive winter wardrobe!)

But let's not talk about snow, let's talk about

 Mandy went to our favorite garden center today. We always plan a trip in February. Spring fever usually sets in by then and we are longing for the sight of something green and growing! She sent me a few photos. Aren't they lovely!!

I just want to gather them all up and bury my face in them!

Of course, Mandy brought home a few plants including a pink ruffled cyclamen!

Happy Valentine's Day!
Aren't these the cutest things ever! 

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  1. Yes those beautiful flowers are a wonderful sight. Here's hoping Spring is just around the corner.