Thursday, January 18, 2018

Clear and Cold

Hello Friends! Here we are in a new year. Have things fallen back in the normal pattern? All the Christmas decorations cleared away? Here too. We are mostly just trying to stay cozy and warm and not leave the house unless absolutely necessary. January isn't usually a bad month, sometimes we have a lot of snow, sometimes it is just cold. Either way there isn't much motivation (or reason) to go outside. So we all turn to cozy indoor activities. (Above is the view from my bedroom window, ice and all!)

Of course, the knitting needles are very busy this time of year. I finished off a new hat (Rikke Hat), a crochet cowl (Pearl Stitch Cowl) and am now working on a sweater for myself. Kerri is modeling a new sweater (Four Cable Dog Sweater) Mandy knit for a class at our local knitting shop. 

After all the "warm fuzzy" Christmas movies in December, I am always ready for a change of pace. Mandy and I have started re-watching the Lord Peter Whimsy mysteries. 
The same goes for reading. After the cozy lightweight romances of Betty Neels for most of November and December I am ready for a change. Last week I dug out our beloved copies of the Mrs. Polifax books and started on the first one; The Unexpected Mrs. Polifax. It was so fun to read it again! 

January in my mind always means clear cold sunny days and cozy nights. And dirty salty floors.... everywhere dirty salty footprints! The floors aren't even dry before another pair of feet track across it! Ahh well, January doesn't last forever.......

What about you? What do you do watch or read to stay cozy in January?


  1. My mom loved Betty Neels! I'd forgotten about her stories. Our daughter and I binge watched two Korean TV shows before she went back to college on the 15th.

    1. Betty Neels is another "vintage" author and very prolific! What a fun way to spent some special time with your daughter. I am not much of a binge watcher, I don't like to sit still that long!

  2. Nothing nicer than sitting in front of the stove, crafting at this time of year.

  3. Oh Mrs. Polefax! I love her so much!