Wednesday, August 23, 2017


I love zinnias. When I picked this bunch last night, the smell immediately brought back memories of childhood summers. These are from my two plants in the cutting garden. It took them a bit to get started, but now they plenty of buds and look like they will bloom until frost.

 Ever since I bought the plants, I have been envisioning a zinnia bouquet here. Lovely!

 The sewing machine has been out all summer. For some reason I have been in a social sewing mood. I have made my way through plenty of projects in the last couple of months; some fun, some mundane.

 This vase was a vintage find a couple of years ago, complete with a matching glass flower frog. I haven't gotten too many chances to use it. I always envisioned peonies in it and was sad to have missed the opportunity this year to pick a few. Mandy suggested I use it for the zinnias as the stems were rather short (I hated to cut longer ones because of all the buds I would be cutting too!) and it works wonderfully.

Zinnias are even pretty in lamplight!


  1. Gorgeous! Zinnias are so cheerful and fresh looking. Those colors are terrific together. But then, all Zinnias look good together. Enjoy!

    1. I think you are right, all zinnias look good together! Flowers are so pretty in the house, especially since we had a few cloudy days.

  2. A beautiful flower that look amazing in that beautiful vase, a great vintage find.