Thursday, August 10, 2017


Are you soaking up summer? Drinking in all of it's loveliness? Somehow, we think fall might come early this year. There are a couple of signs it is just around the corner and the air has a fall-ish quality to it.
Summer sure has whizzed by fast. I am just trying to enjoy it while it lasts!  Life is just going along as usual, some slow and some crazy days. Here is a couple of snapshots of what is happening around here......

 I had fun making up Color Therapy in Tunisian Crochet for a class sample.

 Fairylights for the porch! (Never enough time to sit out here...)

Reading lots of old favorites this summer. But this one is a new friend by a favorite author, Emilie Loring. So excited to be reading!
(I ordered it used from Amazon and thought I would sun it a bit before reading, completely forgetting rain was in the forecast! Yes, it is a super clean book now! It took three days to dry out.)

It has not been a good garden year, but the marigolds are gorgeous! 

 I have been getting quite a bit of sewing in lately. The newest Akita shirt. Love the fabric!

Raspberry muffins! In these fun paper holders.

Meadowsweet shawl, which was love-at-first-sight. A perfect small project summer knit.

That is what I have been up to. What about you?


  1. Thanks for the reminder about reading Emilie Loring, I had forgotten about her books. Also, that's a great pattern for the shirt, pretty top. My tomatoes are great this year in eastern, PA, the right amount of rain and sun this year. My only sewing lately was some wheelchair cushion covers made for handicapped people in Yuganda that a medical friend will deliver.

    1. Oh Emilie Loring is a favorite! I keep coming back to her.
      I am glad someone is getting great tomatoes! Our crop consisted of one from a five foot plant. Your sewing project sounds interesting, hopefully it didn't involve too many zippers?

    2. Actually the covers are very easy, it's the pillow envelope pattern, just stitching up sides, no zippers!

  2. Oh I love your top! It is so cute. And your shawl turned out lovely. I am glad all the baby fingers didn't mess you up.

    1. Thanks! I was so excited to wear my new top this week. The shawl took a little finagling, as I didn't have quite enough yarn. But in the end it turned out great!