Thursday, March 23, 2017

I had forgotten.......

I had forgotten how much joy a finished garments brings, how sitting at a sewing machine with fabric feeds the soul, how ideas begin to sprout quicker then one can keep up while sewing, how good it is to fashion something with your own hands. I had forgotten how much I love sewing!
As much as I love knitting, sewing is really my passion. Working with fabric, letting my mind and fingers tuck and pin; brings the rest of life into perspective, and usually makes it look brighter! 
 I learned to sew when I was a wee girl, so it has been a part of my life for a long time. I still remember the fascination of watching Mom make my sisters and I dresses. Just about my eye level, I would stand for hours and watch the machine whirl away.

This is the York blouse from Seamwork. In a lovely Art Gallery Fabric, Ink Outburst in Atelier. The fabric was a birthday splurge!
This pattern gets quite a few bad reviews online, but I have made it work. I love the classic silhouette! My library of Seamwork patterns have really inspired my to sew plenty of pretty things that go with my everyday wardrobe. I haven't found the latest patterns much my style, but I love most from the first two years. And even if I don't like the patterns, the articles are always interesting!

The pattern originally had a slit in the back that closes with bias tape ties. I made a bias bound keyhole instead with a button.
I also altered the neckline a bit, too much of a boat for my small shoulders. The biggest problem most people had with the pattern was the low dart. I simply angled it upwards to create a French dart. I do have a bit of a problem with the armholes, but that might be because I went down a few sizes as there was a lot of wearing ease. I still ended up taking in the side seams and the center back.

I love all the extra details of this pattern! Can't wait for the weather to warm up a bit to wear it!

Has anyone else watched The Great British Sewing Bee? So inspiring watching all those amazing sewing projects!


  1. What a cheerful finished garment! I like the fabric you chose. And I agree, I feel more freedom to create with sewing. More options, more agility.

    1. Sometimes too many options! Lol! I have been drooling over the fabric online for awhile, so excited to finally have it. And it such a wonderful quality!