Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Christmas Greetings from long ago....

This year the Book Nook is decked out in my grandmother's blue snowflakes. The blue didn't quite go with the living room decor as well as I was anticipating last year. When it came time to decide where to hang them this year, I immediately knew! The Book Nook!

 My Christmas card collection has grown a little since last year. I have been keeping an eye out at the antique shops and estate sales. Each one has a bit of a story to tell.

The bells card I found last year, it is one of my favorites! The house and sleigh cards reads "Do you remember me? I do you. Are you out yet? I received mine on 23 Sept. 1945."

This one came all the way from Sudbury, England! "From Goodie & Frank Merry Xmas"

This one brought a lump to my throat. Inside it reads:
Dear Chet, Here we are embarking on another adventure. This is our first "Peacetime" Christmas in many a year, may it be a happy one and may it be everything you have dreamed about for these past years when you had to be away from home. And may the pleasures of Christmas be enough to overflow into a glorious New Year of health, happiness and success. And may you enjoy many, many of these New Years so that you may live to a good old age and bask in the sunlight and happiness that you have so continuously brought to others. My best to a real friend, Sincerely Bob"

I left the snowflakes on the cardstock from last year and just hung them up with string and mini clothespins. Such a cute look, I might continue to use it after the holidays.

I also hung a few by the bedroom door.


  1. I love your Grandmother's crocheted snowflakes displayed like that. I also love your vintage Christmas cards. I've never thought to look for any but what a wonderful display and sentiments inside.

  2. Thank you! The snowflakes have always been a favorite, but the color has often thrown us for a loop as to how to decorate with them.