Tuesday, December 22, 2015

A few more Christmas Decorations...

 I thought I would share a few more decorations this year. I didn't decorate quite as much as last year and most are just a repeat of last year. This sign was a gift last year. It made an easy entry decoration this year. A few little suction cups with hooks to hold it in place, a little elf  perched on top and done!

Mandy and I went antique shopping with our aunt while she was in town last week. We couldn't resist bringing home a few more vintage ornaments! One of my favorites is this one with a snug little house on it. 

 A fun Shiny Brite with sparkly snowflakes.

Made in Poland this one practically glows!

 This one looked blue in the store but once home it turned out purple. Not the usual color for an ornament!

 Instead of our usual wreath, I used vintage bells tied to fresh greenery I snagged on sale for the door. Last year, I had the bells on the front mirror.

Christmas is almost here, are you ready? 
(Just one more project to finish up and then I will be ready!)


  1. I have some of these same ornaments. Your decorations always make me smile :) Mery Christmas, Heide!

  2. Some of those ornaments remind me of the ones I grew up with, so pretty! Merry Christmas to you and yours, from me and mine!

  3. Love your decorations and especially the gorgeous ornaments!