Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Porch Rules and Pinwheels

Pinwheels are making an appearance on the porch again.......and they still make me Smile!
(For more on pinwheels, last year's post is here.)

 I found the Porch Rules printable from On Sutton Place. It fits perfectly, especially in an aqua frame!

A "bouquet" of pinwheels on the table.
 Back in March, when summer breezes were just a hope, I found this giant beauty at Hobby Lobby. How could I not take it home? (It almost set sail on the way to the car that blustery March day. But oh, was it fun!)
Warm sun. Colorful pinwheels, Perfect Day.


  1. I miss hanging out on your porch. It is even more lovely in person.

    1. Awww! We miss having you to hang out with! Yesterday there was a cool front and we were all out there in sweaters. But we weren't going to miss out sitting on the porch!