Thursday, April 9, 2015

Apron Patterns

 These are a few recent acquisitions to the pattern collection. This first one is a charmer! Early 1950's. A lovely apron that is flattering one for everyone with lots of coverage. Also included is a pot holder pattern. Love the polka dots of the one in the lower right hand corner.  
The first thing my sisters said when they saw it was, "I need one of those!". 

 This one is mid-50's. A hostess style apron. A little too many ruffles and bows for my taste, but the overall shape is very cute. 

I was very excited to see the applique transfers still in the pattern! I love all the options this pattern gives one. Late 1940's.

And how could a resist this elegant 1940's nightgown!?! (Even though I don't usually wear nightgowns, I am thinking maybe I need one)
I remember when old patterns were sold for a $.50 or a $1. The prices are crazy these days! So I was really excited to find these patterns for under $5 each. 


  1. Great finds! And a great deal. : ) That nightgown pattern is beautiful!! I love the styles of that era, so feminine and elegant.

  2. Beautiful patterns! I just love that first apron, and that sounds just like my sisters. haha! :)
    Vintage pattern prices have skyrocketed. That's one really good thing about garage sale season coming up! You never know what you'll find. :D

    ~Michelle ^_^
    Delightful Handwork

    1. I am really excited about estate sale season too! Love being able to look at houses while looking for treasures.

  3. Dear Heide,
    Those finds were a steal. I never get to buy items like the ones you buy at such a low price, well done! The very first pattern reminds of the apron patterns from the twenties. Maybe because the back of the pattern is covered and not open. I certainly love the style of all patterns and I can't wait for you to sew them and see them in future posts.


    1. It does look very 20s doesn't it. That style was very popular then, the skirt and bib in one piece.I was so excited to find them at such affordable prices! Hopefully, you will be able to find some deals. Sometimes on Etsy you can find a few jewels, when I search I then sort by price.

  4. I love the old patterns. These look in really good shape. Most that I find in thrift shops are ragged and torn, with pieces missing.

  5. oh gosh i love Simplicity 2269; it have it in my vintage pattern collection too - one day i'll make it up...maybe for my daughter Miss25.

  6. Dear Heide,
    I have just spent 45 mins. looking through your blog, especially your apron photos/patterns. Your aprons through the years is fabulous. I wear what everybody calls "vintage" aprons but for me they are just regular aprons. :) The pattern I really like is the Edwardian Apron the only change I make is I have cross over straps, it feels more secure, especially when bending over. It is a pity women don't wear the older and fuller style aprons anymore, they are so much more feminine looking. The newer "unisex" aprons are just that "unisex" not feminine at all. :( Best wishes Grace..