Tuesday, March 3, 2015

The Great Sofa Slipcover Project (part 2)

Well Friends, I did it! The slipcover is done. It was a bit of a longer project then anticipated, but well worth it! I am so pleased with it!
 What do you think? Doesn't it brighten the living room a ton? A perfect spring update! I think I am going to also update the accent pillows. Still looking around for the the right fabric though.
 After much debating, swatch draping and some hard thinking, we were surprised to realize we loved the natural fabric look. I didn't think it would look very good with the walls, but surprisingly it does.
We ended up buying Unbleached Cotton Drill at JoAnn Fabrics because we loved the texture and weight. And it was on sale for just over $3 a yard! The one downside is that it is only 40" wide and shrinks to about 38". It worked out nicely though as I used the fabric lengthwise and three widths worked perfectly.

We decided to keep it simple and skip piping. I love the clean look!
I also updated our poor squashed back pillows with new square 26" x 26" pillows. Camilla over at Assortment inspired us to try this. We love how much cozier it makes the couch! So nice to snuggle in with a book!

 I wanted the slip cover to not have a "skirt" and to look a little more like it wasn't a slip cover. So on the front bottom edge I sewed velcro and then stapled velcro to the bottom edge of the couch, this keeps the edge tidily tucked under. ( A little idea I borrowed from Ikea!)
 The fabric is a bit wrinkly, but isn't that one of the charms of a slip cover? We also figured out it does a lot better not put in the dryer, that tends to set the wrinkles in.
So what do you think? Do you like the new look?


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you! So excited to have that project off my plate!

  2. It looks wonderful, Heide...great job!

  3. Looks great Heide! The slip covers look perfect with the rug and accent pillows, so very clean and springy! : )

  4. Oh yes! I love it! It looks so nice and cozy, well done!!


  5. Heide!!!!!! I have two couches you could practice on any time!!!! lol Slipcovers are on my list for the living room but so far, I haven't tackled it. I look at them everyday and think how I should get busy on them. Maybe when the weather is a little warmer? You have definitely inspired me! Maybe today I'll try to find the fabric I bought five years ago? (grin)

  6. I love it! Did you have directions? Are they removable to wash? I'm amazed! Do you think it would stand up to a cat with claws? I'm so impressed! You made it sound so easy...a weekend project? Even a week would be fine with me....I'm so excited for you and maybe down the road for me! LOL!