Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Christmas is Here!

I haven't been very motivated lately. I keep telling myself everyone is waiting for lovely pictures of the new house, but the weather doesn't cooperate or it needs a good tidy before photo time and I just haven't been motivated to get things done. I think it is reaction to finally being moved in and settled, there isn't any need to push on! Anyway, I finally decided to just snap a few quick pictures of our Christmas decorations in the new house. We weren't really motivated to decorate a lot either. Partly because we found ourselves suddenly at a loss where to put them. So we just ended up pulling out our favorites and putting them anywhere there was a place.
I few of our favorite candles tucked next to new decorations.............
paper trees made by the sisters. So cute in the piano window!
Another new craft for this year, a poinsettia wreath hung in the dining room window.
The flowers are felt on a ribbon wrapped wreath form.
 Of course a Shiney-Bright covered tree is an essential! I tried for a theme this year, only red and silver ornaments. After I had unpacked half the ornaments to find the red and silver ones and put a dozen or so on, I stood back to take a look and realized it wasn't really how I had envisioned it, it was boring! So we gave up on the idea and put all the pretty ones on.
 Our favorite vintage nativity made in Germany. 
 Little lanterns we threw together to add a bit of something to the nativity setting. Mini vintage bottle brush trees and (fake) tea lights in a jar.
And my favorite view this year. The little window going upstairs hung with beaded snowflakes. 

If I ever get around to finishing decorating the porch and outside I will let you know. This weather is no incentive though..............


  1. You just moved in and your house looks better than mine and you have it decorated just darling for Christmas! I wish I had THAT motivation! LOL!
    It looks so lovely and homey and cozy! Can I come for Christmas? TTYL!

  2. Heide,

    Your Christmas decor looks so pretty and cozy! The nativity is lovely, and I really like your idea of creating the little lanterns. You are so very creative!


    1. Thanks Sarah! This was a case of spare of the moment creating!

  3. It's looking so warm and welcoming! I'm having the same problem with the weather. Can't get rid of all the ice. They keep promising temps in the 50s but it's 19 right now! Ouch!

  4. Oh I have my paper tree kit! I need to put mine together! They are so cute! I love your tree!

    1. They are so cute! I feel like my pictures didn't do them justice. It was such a cloudy morning......