Thursday, June 6, 2013

Esther Williams- Thrill of a Romance

I was so sad to hear today the 1940's movie star Esther Williams had died. To tell you the truth, I was also surprised she had made it to 91!
 I always love her characters in her movies. So Cheerful, Spunky and fresh Girl-Next-Door. My favorite movie of hers is "Thrill of a Romance". Though I know I haven't seen all her movies, they can be hard to find! It is pretty much a typical 40s musical; cheerful dresses, pretty girls, a lonely solider, and a love story that is a bit far fetched. Don't you love them, though? But this one stands out because of Esther's swimming and Lauritz Melchior singing. Melchior was a Metropolitan Opera singer before he signed on with MGM. He adds a delightful twist to the movie.
Esther Williams has certainly left an amazing legacy behind.


  1. I've seen several clips of her amazing swimming, but have never seen her in a movie. Guess I'll have to get busy and check Netflix!

  2. Aww that is sad Esther Williams passed, I don't think I have seen that movie! I really like the music though, thanks for posting about her.

  3. She was one of my favorites, too--and an inspiration for me to learn to swim well. I'd try some of the moves in the water. Let me tell, it wasn't easy! So sad to see that whole generation disappear.