Thursday, May 23, 2013

House Update- Painting and Floors

Painting.........painting and more painting! I think we are finally on the last leg, my bedroom upstairs. We have gone through so much paint it is unbelievable! Four gallons of primer, three gallons ceiling paint, eight gallons wall paint and two gallons trim paint. The poor walls hadn't been painted in so long, it just soaked right in and disappeared.
The huge monster sander to sand the floors down. My ever so nice, up for anything brother-in-law manned the sander. What a long job, but so worth it! Can't wait to see how they turn out!
Doesn't it look huge without all the construction clutter?! Amazingly, we didn't get rid of all that stuff, it is just stashed in different locations. And take note of the walls, fresh paint!
Today we are waiting for the stain to dry on the floors............ Which is the hardest part! We have been working non-stop for three weeks, it feels a little strange to come to a halt.


  1. Breath-taking!!! Beautiful floors. I can imagine doing early-morning solo yoga postures on the wooden floor.

  2. What a mammoth task you've worked very hard well done.

  3. Refinishing floors is huge job, and dusty, but well worth the effort! There is nothing like original hardwood floors. : )

  4. Great job keeping us up to date. :-)
    It is beautiful.

  5. Looking WONDERFUL! Those floors will be gorgeous!