Friday, April 19, 2013

Decorating with White

With the current trend of all white rooms, I have been giving a lot of thought to White as a color. I am even thinking about painting my new bedroom white! My blogging friend Dru decorates so beautifully with white and small pops of color. I really love the look, but can't imagine it in everyday life. But White is so crisp and clean and goes with pink perfectly! My sister refuses to wear white, she hates the stress of thinking she is going to stain it. And the other sister considers it a non color, only suitable for accents.
Besides contemplating white for my bedroom, I also have been thinking about it in the bathroom. I love the clean look of all that sparkly white! For some people I know that is a bit too much, but I like to SEE that my bathroom is clean! My current bathroom, before I re-did it never felt clean. It probably had something to do with the carpet on the floor. Yick!

My new bathroom still looks like this. Not much progress lately. Though we did get the cement board laid. But that is not stopping me! I am busily dreaming what it will look like when finished. Want a peek at my inspiration?
This is what I am envisioning my new bath to look like, minus the wall tile. I have a rounded pedestal sink picked out and a wonderful old wood medicine cabinet bought from craig's list. I will even probably paint the walls a light blue/gray. The floors will be slightly different, similar white hexagon tile but with black tiles in the centers.

I already had bought my tiles, then I went to a discount home supply store...... and fell in love with these little hexagon tiles!
 In person they are so much cuter! I can't wait to see how they look. In the mean time, the first tiles are going back to the store......

So what is White to you?
A fresh color?...... Something to avoid?............Only for accents? 
This post is part of the Country Whites Weekend!


  1. Oh, I love the white! It does look very clean and fresh.

  2. Happy Country Whites Weekend! I like white because it makes my favorite colors pop when put together. Thank you kindly for embracing your country whites and sharing your inspirational pictures at our party.
    Farmhouse hugs,

  3. Maybe when I no longer have dogs or cats... And actually, I do love the look of white - so nice and clean!

    I love the bathroom photos. Funny, I used to prefer vanities over pedestal sinks, and now it's just the opposite. Your bathroom will be beautiful.

  4. White is so bright, crisp and clean and with the right accents looks fab love the black and white tiles

  5. Your bathroom will be beautiful. I love all your choices. The Blue and white is so pretty. I hope you are having a sweet spring, Mary

  6. Heide, I'm loving your ideas! The great thing about white is--it goes with everything! Use color in accents that you can change out easily or on a whim. Love those bathrooms. Yep, you gotta go white!
    It's been great having you join Cindy and me for Country Whites Weekend! Features will be announced next Friday! Mark your calendar. . . .
    Springtime Farmhouse Blessings,