Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Family Photos

Recently a cousin found this photos among family papers. As they all came in doubles, she gladly passed copies on to us. This is my Grandpa with his mother Great-Grandma Anna. We did a bit of thinking and figuring and think these were taken just before he was drafted in 1941.
 Isn't Grandpa natty in his winter coat and fedora? This must have been a special occasion. He even has a white scarf tucked around his neck!
Here he is a few months later with one of his brothers. We think this was probably taken when he was on leave before being shipped over seas.
After serving in the Army, being wounded several times, Grandpa became a carpenter and settled in Chicago to raise a family. Even though he was not the easiest person to always get along with, like his mother Anna, he had a deep sense of family duty. Not just duty, but clannish-ness, a stick-together-through-thick-and-thin-always-there-for-each-other-ness. The highest praise his sisters could give was"he was the best brother". I am glad to say, it is becoming a family trait, passing down through the generations.


  1. in these days of digital photography will we have many treasured photo's for future generations

    1. That is very true, we will have a lot to leave future generations. I am just wondering if all are going to be treasured! I know I end you taking a lot of just random things!

  2. How nice to have these photos! A lovely tribute to your grandpa and 'family.'

  3. Very nice, I love what you shared. Family is special. :-)

  4. How lucky you are to have these priceless images. And how stylish they are! I love that photos pique one's curiosity to learn the stories of the people in them. And it is in these stories that we find our heritage, and learn from it.