Thursday, February 21, 2013

Frigidaire Recipes 1923

 I am not sure if this little book was published to promote sales or was the owner's manual that came with the refrigerator. But it is fascinating to look at! I picked up last time I was antiquing. It was my big splurge, just too cute to pass up.
I love this first picture of 1920s ladies and their refrigerator.
 "The primary purpose of a Frigidaire Automatic Refrigeration is to preserve food."
 Frigidaire and the Modern Home
"Frigidaire plays a definite role in the daily routine and management of the modern home. It is an integral part of the equipment that lightens household cares and contributes to the health, happiness and convenience of every member of the family."

Aren't the little illustrations lovely! Even though it is just illustrating a ham casserole, it is elegant!
 Frigidaire Rolls and Frigidaire Cookies! The cookies look very interesting. Three layers of dough with chocolate, coconut and nuts. Yum!
 And would this cookbook be complete without Sherbets and Ices?
 I thought this was fascinating, a diagram of where to keep food.
"Whether shelf space be large or small it is important that there be ample chance for circulation of air, which becomes hampered on crowded shelves. There must be space between articles as well as above and below them.
Perishable foods of all kinds are best preserved when placed on the proper shelf, for some foods require colder temperatures than others for correct preservation. In placing food in Frigidaire, keep these few simple rules in mind:
1. Foods difficult to keep, such as milk and meat, should be placed under the cooling coil.
2. Foods that readily absorb odors, such as butter, should be placed under the cooling coil.
3. Foods that dry out easily, such as celery, lettuce and spinach, should be placed on the top shelves. 4. Foods that give off odors. such as cheese, melons and apples, should be placed on the top shelves."
Doesn't it make you thankful we don't have to worry about "difficult to keep foods" anymore? We just have to worry about forgetting things in the refrigerator!


  1. What an amazing cookbook. It is filled with wonderful images and very tasty recipes along with information as to how the refrigerator works, that is nice. Even though Frigidaire had an enormous amount of sales by the late twenties I do suspect this type of cookbook would have been included in the purchase of a refrigerator. In other words, it was a promotional cookbook in my opinion. Nonetheless, it is a magnificent find; I would have bought it too…

    1. It is an amazing book! I kind of suspected it was included in the purchase of the fridge myself. Thanks for you lovely comment!

  2. How fun. I agree you found a treasure with this book.
    Thank you for sharing.

  3. Great find! I've never seen one--and I have a lot of vintage cookbooks. Rarely find them with colored illustrations. I like trying the vintage recipes. They're usually simpler than present-day.

    1. That is what caught my eye, the color! I love the little illistrations for the recipes.