Thursday, June 14, 2012

On the Go Sewing! - Sewing Kits

Do you have a sewing kit tucked in your purse for emergency repair? Or do you carry a little kit in your sewing bag, knitting bag, or crafty bag? I sure do!! These little kits are indispensable.
This is a vintage one I found in an antique store. It is very very small. Wouldn't take up that must room in a purse! I think 1930s -1940s. When I researched sewing kits this type was most commonly given out as a freebie by businesses. I guess the business name is written on the front, but I can't decipher it, wish I could!

 And this is my sewing kit that I currently use. I made it years ago when I found these cute tins in our fabric store. It came with a bunch of safety pins in it. I made the pincushion by cutting a piece of cardstock the size of the top and covering it in batting and fabric. I also found the cutest pair of folding scissors at an old fashioned dime store.

 Bandaids are an essential for a sewing kit, don't you think?


  1. I love these kits! And be sure to put anti-bacterial cream in there along with the Band-Aid. :-)

    I had a beautiful wee, English, gold-handled sewing scissors that was given to me by an old friend...It was confiscated at the Manchester airport. :-(((

  2. I love these. My grandma has some cute little ones. I do not have any fun ones. I like the one you made.

  3. LOL Yes bandaids should be in every sewing kit! :)

    Reading through and enjoying your blog as I get some time / saw it recommended on Country Farm Home