Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Books, Aprons, Sheet Music, Nurse Cap and Wool!

 My goodness! It is already Wednesday! Yikes! I was planning on getting this post up on Monday......oh well....on to the post!
What, you ask is the title all about? My lovely weekend!
What could be more perfect, then an estate sale, a book sale and a fiber festival?! And yes, I went to them ALL! I have some lovely finds to share with you all, including new aprons! But that will be later. Today it is a nurses cap. I am not sure why I love vintage nurses' caps and uniforms.....probably because I loved the Cherry Ames books growing up. I still get excited when I come across one!
This is one of my fovorite finds to date. I am so so excited about it! Aren't the little tucks wonderful?!

The cap has snaps on the corners of the back piece so it can be laid flat for ironing and starching. A very imortant feature as nurses had a reputation to uphold on their tidiness and starchiness. The construction is so interesting, so simple - yet unique.


  1. Now, this is a wonderful find. If only nurses would still dress in dress uniforms and wear their hats, and stockings.Oh, wouldn't they look amazing...I think they would.

    1. Yes, scrubs are not the most flattering.... There is nothing more trim then a uniform, no matter who it is on! It is very sad nurses don't wear caps anymore.

  2. I LOVE the nurse's cap! Remember how we used to wear envelopes on our heads and play nurse to the dolls? How exciting to have a REAL nurse's cap.