Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Blue and Red Apron........and Shirt Dresses

I had forgotten I hadn't shared this apron yet. I love the inset red stripes. A simple but very striking affect. About 1940s. The construction is so interesting; binding the stripes and piecing the pocket. Has a patriot feel, don't you think?
Sorry the pictures are not so good. I think I was having a crooked day!

My inspiration for the pink shirt dress I just made. One of the comfiest dresses I have ever worn. I picked it up at an estate sale, 1960. I love the matching belt.
I didn't realize until I was digging through my vintage pattern stash, how much I am in love with shirt dresses. I have thirteen shirt dress patterns! That is right, 13!! Mind you, I only counted bonafid shirt dresses; with collars, waist seams and buttons.  I think I am obsessed....

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  1. This is really an interesting apron; lovely use of contrasting fabrics. I wore shirtdresses in the 50s.