Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Iron On Embroidery Transfers- The Modern Way

Lately I have been into embroidery. I found some vintage iron-on embroidery transfers at the antique store. They are really cute fruit! (In case you didn't know, I LOVE fruit!)
The problem? How to get the design on the dish towels with out using the transfers. I only had one copy of each and I wanted to be able to use them as many times as I wanted. I knew I couldn't trace them very accurately. I tried buying sheets of iron-on transfer paper from the fabric store, that you put in your printer. What I didn't realize is it was for ironing on pictures or letters. What ever you don't cut off gets ironed onto the fabric in a sheet of plastic! Not what I was looking for.

I finally found the most simple solution! It is so easy too!

First, I scanned in all the transfers. Then I found a plastic report cover, trimmed it to the size of a page, put a piece of paper in it for support and printed the fruit on it. As soon as it came out of the printer I placed it faced down on my dish towel, laid a book over it (I found a soft cover book works best) and pressed firmly.

WHA-LA! Fruit on dish towel! Isn't that simple?!

And the great thing! The report cover is re-usable. Just wipe off with tissue and hand sanitizer.

All ready to start embroidering my peaches and pears!

Strawberries, Apples, Plums and Grapes!
Tomorrow I will write about how to embroider and post a few transfers for you to use!!


  1. so cute Heide it makes my want to do it too!!
    Pictures look good !!

  2. What a clever way to save those transfers! I once tried something different in my printer and had a major paper jam. :-(