Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Happy Anniversary and Have-Done-List 2019

 Can you believe it has been 7 years since I bought this little house! My goodness, what a journey. I remember the excited mix of terror that day I signed the paperwork. I was a bit frazzled already with the whole buying experience! But oh the excitement! It was a three year dream come true! And I am so grateful all of the things this house has taught me.

I snapped this very autumnal picture this morning as I was driving off to work. I was excited it was a new angle!

We had a cold rain come through on Sunday and a good portion of the leaves are now on the ground. There is snow forecasted for tonight, so it looks like it is now raking season!

This is the first picture I ever took of the house. The official "Before" photo. She looks rather sad. Even though we haven't really changed a lot on the exterior, one can always see the "happy and loved" feel of a house! 

This year is has been all about getting the hydronic heat and radiators installed. So not much in the way of other projects. I did re-paint the bathroom and back hall (HERE). Otherwise most the project time was taken up with radiators or paint projects for the brothers.

We got a good start on installing the radiators the other weekend! My bedroom and Mom's bedroom radiators are installed. The main supply and return lines are also installed. I think we are about halfway there!

Except for the absence of fifty layers of paint, you can't tell it hasn't been here a hundred years!


  1. Oh what a sense of accomplishment! I like those old radiators:-)

    1. Thank you so much! I love my radiators too! Kinda excited we are getting cold weather! Lol!

  2. Happy Anniversary! I loved watching all of the transitions. Thanks so much for sharing this journey.

    1. Thank you! You have all been so fun to take along on the journey!