Friday, June 14, 2019

Brick House: Living Room and Entry Before & After

One last Before & After to finish up the Brick House! I am so excited to have good people living here. They love the backyard and appreciate all the space. Though it is really weird not going over to work on the Brick House every morning. That has been the hardest to get use to....

Do you remember what the living/dining room looked like before? I didn't! Ha! Going back and looking at these Before pictures is a bit scary! Yikes! I don't remember it looking this bad..... I guess I really had a vision. And I am so glad the house has lived up to the vision!

 Oh those dark walls!

The front entry just looks filthy! At lest this is an after-carpet picture or it would have been worse...

 Let's get back to the pretty photos, shall we? 

It is hard to portray how large and bright this room is. Even on a cloudy day it is bright! Those big picture windows is my favorite feature! And the window seat looking things under each window? Those are radiator covers. They do make great window seats though! The warmest seat in the house during winter!

 From the kitchen doorway looking toward the living room.
The living/dining room needed the lest amount of work. All last summer it was the "store" room for tools and materials. We primed and painted the walls and ceiling; and washed and shellacked the floors. Other then washing the windows that was it!

 The entry needed a little bit more love. Besides needing to remove icky carpet, we also had to get two spots of cat pee to get out. (Our tried and true recipe is Time, Bleach and Nature's Miracle Stain remover. We had spray bottles of bleach and Nature's Miracle in the hall for weeks! Every time arrived and left we would spray the spots down with either bleach of Nature's Miracle. We tried to alternate. After four months there was only a faint whiff left when you got close! And the shellac took care of that.)  And then there was the stairs to deal with..... Read about the Stairs here.

 I know that light fixture isn't original, but it lends a nice touch of elegance to the hall!

Thanks for coming along on this journey with me! As with any journey there is mountains and valleys, but it has been fun! I hope you enjoyed it too! 

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  1. You can be so proud of yourselves for renovating that house and turning it back into a lovely home. Great job!!