Friday, June 29, 2018

Meet Brick House!

What do you think of my summer project? Isn't she beautiful? This is "Brick House". She was built in 1915, has 3 bedrooms and is about 1300 sq. ft. I know everyone is curious. No, I am not moving. We are quite happy in my little bungalow (we thought about moving for a very short time, but I wasn't ready to move out of my little house! I actually cried at the thought!)
 Brick House will be an investment property.  I am very excited to spruce her up! She is in pretty good shape, but there is always a few things to do. One of the best things about this house, is it is on the same street as my house, about a bock away!

 A nice long driveway, that at some point will need to be replaced. Lots of cracks. One of the first things on my list to get rid of is the aluminum window awnings.

 There is a huge yard. Very unusual for my neighborhood. (Mine is postage stamp sized.) 

 A beautiful crab apple. The first time I saw the house it was in bloom and gorgeous!

 As you can see the landscaping needs a little taming. But the huge deck is in quite good shape.

This is looking into the back yard past the garage. 
This was all the pictures I has time to take this morning. Lock replacing took a bit longer an anticipated. But I should have more pictures on Monday, so stay tuned! This weekend Mandy and I are going to start working on a few things (like get rid of the stinky cat carpet) and then next weekend we will really start on demo!


  1. SO cute ! Can't wait to see what you do with it!

  2. Wow, what a great project. Looking forward to your adventure with it.

    1. Old houses are always an adventure, aren't they? But I am ready for it!