Wednesday, April 26, 2017

More Spring Flowers

 It feels like it is still Easter here with spring flowers in the house. I cut a few tulips this weekend  and had way too much fun taking photos of them!
Saturday was a glorious day. Warm and sunny, the perfect spring day. I spent it inside knee deep in my sewing closet, cleaning. It got a good shaking out. I am so excited it is getting a re-do, it was getting very un-manageable. There is still a bit to do, but I can't wait to share the improvements!

 All of these photos were taken on Saturday when I cut the flowers. They have faded since then, so I took another bunch of pictures yesterday morning.
These lovelies came with the house and are squeezed in on a few inches of dirt between the house and driveway. They end up getting a bit trampled, but never fail to spring back the following year better then ever. This year we might finally getting around to moving them to the cutting garden along the East side of the house and out from under our feet.

 These were taken yesterday. You can see they have faded and opened up a bit more. I think the more they fade, the brighter the yellow becomes!
I have no idea what type of tulip theses are. They have very small and glossy leaves and are rather miniature in size. Does anyone have a similar variety?
I love how the look like they are growing right out of my vintage hobnail vase!


  1. They certainly are beautiful, such a lovely colour.

  2. Thank you everyone! The color is very interesting as outside when they first bud, they appear to be a soft purple. Once indoors and blooming, they change to a pink and fade softer and softer.
    I am trying to figure out what variety they are. Anyone know?