Saturday, July 16, 2016

Hydrangeas 2016

This year is a good year for my hydrangeas! I am not sure if it is the weather (and the rainy cool spring we did not get), the early spring trimming I gave the bushes or just because the plant is fully established now. 

 I had originally planted two "Invincebelle Spirit" bushes, but one didn't make it. This year I ordered another and it seems to be doing good, though it is still tiny.

July 2016
I can't believe how much all the plants have grown since last year! The little boxwoods have doubled in size. Above is this years flower beds and below was last years.
June 2015

Even the hydrangea is so much larger! It is now about five feet tall, though rather floppy. This particular variety tends to be a bit leggy.

The flowers start out a lovely vibrant shade of rose pink and fade to a pale pink over the summer. By the fall they are cream color. You can see the two tones in the picture below too. 

This branch was propped straight up against the house and gutter just waiting for it's picture to be taken! 

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