Tuesday, July 7, 2015

New Apron Finds!

Lately, it has been a bonanza of  apron finds! In the last two weeks I have ended up with almost a dozen! Today, I am going to share eight with you as I have already gifted a few. Since it is summer, and all the aprons smelled of moth balls, a photo shoot on the clothesline seemed very fitting!
 The majority of the aprons came from an estate sale. The lady was a seamstress and amazing embroiderer.
 This one needs a little help. I didn't notice if I bought it with a rip or if it happened in the wash. (Have you ever tried to remove the smell of moth balls from fabric? It likes to linger...) Surely, I can think of something creative to hide/fix it.
I love all the sweet details.

This striped one isn't my favorite. I think I need to pass it on to someone that can appreciated it more!

But the construction is marvelous! I think I might even have a similar pattern. And as always, the attention to detail is perfect. Ric-Rac around the edge, french seams and a notched waistband.

 This is a cheery little gem! I think Mandy might adopt it, as she loves red.

More details; a horizontal piece of fabric for the hem creating a lovely stripe. Stripes also on the pocket and waistband.

 A sweet little dotted swiss apron. This one looks commercially made for a costume as it has embroidered straps.

I love textured fabric! And the bitty lace edging is the perfect accent.

 This one I picked up at an antique store, I fell in love with the fabric!

How could I resist fruit clocks?

 How much more classic can you get then blue gingham? This apron was meticulously hand sewn.

 I had to add an extra picture of the embroidery, it is so exquisite.

 Here is another cute frilly apron with white eyelet.
Love this fabric! I wonder if it was scraps from a project, as it is pieced in several places. Perhaps leftovers from a shirt dress?

 A printed fabric apron with large pockets. Don't they look practical? I love the size.


  1. I love seeing these sweet aprons hanging on the line! A couple of weeks ago while thrifting with my DIL, we found a black gingham one with the stitching, very similar to yours....also a sweet red and white dotted swiss with a strawberry pocket! Love finding these :)

  2. I actually like the striped one! Can we arrange a swap? I surely have something you'd like: fabric, trim, buttons, ?
    All of the aprons are wonderful, such fun finds.

    1. Oh what a good idea! Glad someone can appreciate the crazy stripes! Lol! I am in to buttons at the moment, especially buttons on cute cards.

    2. I'll take pictures of some that I have on cards and see what you think.

  3. Oh, I just love seeing vintage aprons! They are all so lovely! : )

  4. These are wonderful . . . they make me want to run to the kitchen and bake a cake.
    I really like how you displayed them on the clothesline . . . perfection :)
    Your blogging sister,
    Connie :)

    1. I know what you mean. Aprons can be dangerous to the waistline! Thanks for commenting!

  5. Love all the aprons. Have just recently started wearing one especially if my pants don't have pockets. Have picked up a few at Goodwill. In home ec in high school I made a solid red one with a heart pocket trimmed in white rickrack. Glad to see another with the same style pocket.