Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Upstairs Bedroom-Before Pictures

Look at that carpet! Yikes! It was quite old and full of sand and pet hair. Ugh. One of the first things I did was get rid of it. I am happy to say my house is now carpet free!

 The landing. Did you notice the door? We flipped it to open into the bedroom instead of out, giving more room to the landing. That is quite the story!
 Window in the lading.
Bedroom looking the other way.
I know seeing all the woodwork I painted is making some of you gasp. It was a tough decision for me too. But the trim is nothing fancy, just flat boards and not even a nice wood, just pine. There were portions of it already painted, but painted a brown to match the unpainted part(?!?). And the other reason, my bedroom furniture is wood, so to keep the room from looking to dark or rustic I decided paint it!!

Looking into the closet.


  1. Brilliant idea to change the door! And what a great idea to get rid of the carpet. Can't you just feel all those germs leaving the house!

    1. Oh we certainly could! It made such a huge difference.