Thursday, October 4, 2012

Have You Sung with Your Sister Today?

I just recently discovered Rosemary Clooney had a sister. When they were young, Rosemary and Betty sang with a band as the Clooney Sisters. They are so cute together! And both had wonderful voices. Rosemary's was a little lower and huskier.
One of Rosemary's most popular songs was "Sisters" written by Irving Berlin for the movie White Christmas. My sisters and I love that song! When we were about 12, we discovered White Christmas. I think we watched it everyday for a week! And when we weren't watching it we danced around the house singing "Sisters".
This is the only video I could find of them singing "Sisters" together. (and it isn't even the whole song, just a clip) Rosemary and Betty look so much alike!
A full recording of Rosemary and Betty singing "Sisters".
Betty died suddenly in 1976 at the age of 45. Rosemary said she would never get over it.
If it were my sister, I don't think I would get over either....
Sisters, sisters
There were never such devoted sisters,

Never had to have a chaperon, no sir,
I'm there to keep my eye on her.
Caring, sharing
Every little thing that we are wearing.
When a certain gentleman arrived from Rome,
She wore the dress, and I stayed home.
All kinds of weather, we stick together
The same in the rain and sun!
Two different faces, but in tight places
We think and we act as one!
Sisterys, I am so blessed to have you in my life! Love you!


  1. Well, another thing we have in common! I don't have any sisters, but I love White Christmas and the Sisters song always makes me smile. I do have a VERY close friend that I call my sister. Can't imagine life without her! Sister are special. . .

    1. So glad you have an "adopted" Sister! Every Gal needs one!

  2. Sistery!! This is such a great discovery, I am sure having a sister really helped Rosemary make the song what it was and is today.

    1. It was a discovery!! How come we didn't know this before??

  3. I love White Christmas too! I love the Sisters song too! Thanks for the fun post!
    Are you ready to watch Christmas movies? I can not wait. :)

    1. Oh yes! Just a few more cloudy days and the Christmas Music is coming out!