Monday, July 25, 2011

Chrismas in July!

This week we acquired a few more glass Christmas ornaments for our collection. We love these old jewels!  Most of them are made by the Shiney Bright Company. Typically you will find ones made in the 50s and 60s. But glass ornaments for Christmas trees have been made a long time.
 When we were kids Mom had a couple of glass ornaments from her mother, we would be allowed to take out and look at each year, but not hang on the tree. Then as we got older she let us put them just on the top of the tree. Since we have started collecting them in the last couple of years, we have covered the tree in them. At this point we have way more then we need for one tree, more like three Christmas trees! But we have decided to share! So sister Becky gets some, cousins get some, now that my brother is getting married we will get him started with a collection too!
 These are my favorites. This is what made me start collecting. To me they look older then the 50s, but I am not certain.  They have hand painted decorations, sometimes floral, and a bit of glitter. The tops are small and have Poland stamped in them.
 These are some of Mom's favorites, as this is what she remembers on the tree growing up. You can find all sorts of scenes, santas, stars, bells, gingerbread houses.


  1. Beautiful! Aren't they so much nicer than those plastic ornaments! I think I need to start my own search. :-)

  2. I have some small ones. We have a smaller tree that we decorate with the small vintage bulbs we have found at sales or have gotten from family. Love your post!

  3. Yes! Everyone needs a collection! They are the prettest things on a tree, the way the lights sparkle off them!